What's Wrong With Liking Dolls? You Go Ali

Found a video just a short few minutes ago from this beautiful young lady named Ali (check out her blog)!

She so told the truth!


  1. Yup, she told the truth... nevermind that video editing is a very real profession and if nothing else, she's building herself a portfolio for the future.

    But I love it, and now I have to go check out her blog!

  2. I love it too! And she is so right! People are just jealous because we are bold and have no fear in showing off and talking about our hobbies! They just wish they could have one! U go Ali! Thanks Ebony for bringing this out! Love ya!

  3. I agree she told the truch. I love my dolls and I love all the wonderful people I have met who share my same passion!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!


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