New Blogger is in the HOUSE!

Photo by The Manor

The person who I sold my first Dynamite Girl to has a blog and I'm really interested in what's going on in her doll lives! The Manor is own by Tabitha and we need to show her how serious we are about our blogging!


  1. Aiyeee! Thanks so much for the plug :)

    I'm feeling the dollie love over here <3

  2. Welcome Tabitha, I'm fairly new too. You will meet and chat with great dollie friends!

  3. I'm also new to the dollie blog world... but of course I've got to keep tabs on The Manor! Wonderful work is going on there all the time!!!

    1. Hey Heather thanks for stopping by, going to see your blog now!

  4. Hello from Spain: thanks for introducing us to Tabitha. I went through her blog and diorama. I love her kitchen. As of now I have another blog to visit. Keep in touch


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