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Be My Monster!

A while ago I talk about my swap gift from a person on facebook and Monday I made some time to take pictures and have fun! As you can see in the above photos I got Create-A-Monster Werewolf and Dragon starter pack and Cleo de Nile Gloom Beach!
Ms. Wolf looks better BALD!

I'm so happy to find these Bratz Fashion at Target!

I had to wash the wig out and I use the boil hot water treatment!
I'm so loving this girl!
 I didn't use the ears because I hate them but, she can be a Vampire! I mean she looks like all the blood was sucked out of her. Not feeling the Dragon girl but those photos are coming soon!


  1. Your pictures of her are awesome, especially her bald ones.

    1. Thank you for reminding me how to spell bald! lolol

  2. She came out great! Isn't it great that the Monster High dolls can fit in the Bratz clothes!

    1. Yes, some of the Bratz dolls that are out now have the cuteness clothes!

  3. I really like the black and white pictures. I'm not feeling the dragon girl either. Her complexion is very florid. I can't find any wigs or clothes that complement her deep pink skin.

    1. It seems like Mattel could have made a pink body to go with her but that didn't happen! It's not just the mix-match body, I'm just having a hard time bonding with her! I'm sure she will grow on me soon!

  4. Very nice pictures! Good to know that the MH girls fit the Bratz clothes.

    1. Thanks GG, I going to need MGA to keep making fashion packs for me!

  5. If you ever want to get rid of the parts you dislike, let me know!! I would love the ears XD

    She looks really cute though, what a great swap!!!
    Monster High girls have such fun little body shapes!!
    I also love how they all have different face molds :)

    (and I bought all those Bratz clothes too, they were so cute, and fit my Pure Neemos!)

  6. Hello from Spain: I like the clothes you bought the Bratz and photos with your Monsters. Congratulations and keep in touch from blog to blog.


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