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The Matched third party content!

I love doing videos for you guys and myself; I love making sure that each set has a prefect match and tone that belongs together. I also loving choosing music that goes well with that video however, all that may changed! Too many of my videos on have the Matched Third Party Content on my videos and from what I understand after 3 videos they would suspend your account and you are no longer part of the YouTube family! I been uploading videos on YouTube since 2008 and it is now 2012 and they have not got on my ass yet!

I don't want to get in trouble with YouTube or abandoned the people on there who watch my videos! I'm thinking about uploading my videos on YouTube without music (I know that would be boring) and upload my videos here on the blog with music! Tell me what you guys think and for those who do shows on YouTube how do you get around with YouTube not being on your case?


  1. I had this same issue and I started using their "audio swap" feature. It isn't my favorite but at least the videos aren't without music.

    1. I'm trying the audio swap thing and the music sucks big time............ I mean really! I found some out stuff there but I'm still not feeling it!
      Thank you Cat!

    2. I know it is so not as amazing as the songs we know and love. :( If I had the pro0er gear, I'd just make my own songs. lol

    3. Me too, I know if I play around with something for while I can make some great tunes! I really mess up on a sentences in that last post! Don't pay me no mind!

    4. I know! We'd be making doll vids with original music. That would be so amazing. :) And no worries on the grammar because apparently "proper" is spelled "po0er" I hit wrong keys regularly.

  2. Are you buying your songs from itunes? Or does it show the "buy this song" link? I wonder if this makes a difference. When I did songs with words, it showed the name of the first song and told them how to buy it. I don't know the answer to your dilemma. I think the music makes the video.

    1. Vanessa I buy my music from and I have plenty of CD's in my house! Maybe I need to try my music without words and see what happens! Music is such a big part of everything we do and I don't want to stop using music in my videos and then again I really know God is watching over me, I don't YouTube messing with me! for the next video I just have to see what I'm going to do!

    2. I'm with Vanessa on this one because there are a lot of youtubers who have the iTunes/Amazon link to buy the song and I don't think they get into trouble that way. I'm STILL trying to figure out how they do that because you're right, youtube music sucks big-time. If I find out how, I will let you know asap.

  3. Hi from Spain: congratulations on the story they tell. I love it. Love is in the air.. They make a good couple. I love the photos as art. Very well the blog with photos of your collection. The video of the B shop is very nice. Keep in touch

  4. Hi Ebony Nicole,

    I am glad you are taking this responsible stance on music for your videos. One reason I do photo stories on my blog instead of videos is because I hadn't solved the problem of where to get royalty free music. Recently "How to Play Barbies" did a tutorial on making dreadlocks for dolls. She used royalty free music from The song she chose was a little reggae riff that complemented the video perfectly. Here is the link to the post:

    You can buy collections of royalty free music designed for television production on iTunes. If you work on a mac and have iLife installed, you can use Garage Band riffs.

    There are also websites where new artists share music loops that you can use under creative commons licenses or by paying a very small fee.

    I think it is important to use royalty free music because you never know what opportunities your videos may open up. If you monetize your channel or if you have the opportunity to syndicate your videos, you might not be able to use any of the content you have created with third party music.


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