New So In Style: Stylin' Beads

New So In Style dolls are coming and they don't have the Fashionistas bodies that all us doll lovers was hoping for! The new dolls are back with their little sisters' and they are ready for so fun on the beach and to make matters even more fun, you get to style their hair with Beads!

To ALL MY BLACK FOLKS OUT THERE: You know we can not go swimming with beads in our hair, its totally going to weight us down for the sharks! LOLOL that was Joke please no hate emails!

So In Style: Stylin' Beads Grace and Courtney

So In Style: Stylin' Beads Kara and Kianna

So In Style: Stylin' Beads Trichelle and Janessa


  1. WOW! No Chandra??? I love Chandra!

  2. Yeah, no Chandra! That sucks................

  3. awww cute sucks that they changed their bodies
    well anyways i got grace i think form the first line the one that had the hair curler and etc anyways absolutely loved her face but hated the body
    so i wnt out and bought barbie basics no 10 and gave her body to grace so she should be a high fashion model anyways love your blog my latest obsession

  4. Y are they continuing to leave Chandra out? I guess its keeping it real to how society works


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