High School Musical: Sharpay Evans

I am one of those people who can not stand to see or hear High School Musical! But, I love some of their dolls! For those of you who don't know what High School Musical is(if you have children or nieces you will know), its nothing but a bunch of students running around the school breaking into song and dance. I only watch the first movie with my niece but I skip 2 and 3 because I can not sit there and be brainwash by all the sweet junk on my screen. However, one of my favorite dolls from High School (Junk) Musical is Sharpay Evans!

Sharpay Evans is the over top Diva who always wants her name in light! Sharpay will always thank the little people when accepting a big award, why? Because thats who Sharpay is!

In the summer of 2008 I took so many photos that have not been seen. Until this day, I am finally posting photo. Now the photos will look kind of bad because I was still learning how to use my camera and using light but, over the years I did so much better!


  1. Sharpay was the only character that pealed to me too!
    Your pics are very lovely! Great fashion choices ;)

    And I have given you the lovely blog award. If you want to play along here is the link;


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