Photo of the Month

Photo of the Month corvas
January 31 through February 29
Who said men with gray hair are not sexy!
Photo of The Month DollsALive
December 17 through January 20
Do not mess with the Diva while she is shopping! 
That brother better stop looking at his watch!


Photo of the Month DSDIVAS
October 15 through November 19 

DSDIVAS a beautiful doll collector who is not afraid to be bold when 
photographing her dolls.

Photo of the Month FashionRoyaltyLj
July 17 through  August 20

A room full of beautiful girls with nothing better to do. FashionRoyaltyLj has
the Nadja ladies front and center looking kind of lost but also looking very cute!
While all the other girls are sitting and waiting for their next shot.

Photo of the Month Luisfilm64 
June 6 through July 9

Any doll who top Lady Gaga is okay in my book!
Photo of the Month Zezaprince
April 15 through May 20

To make a long story short; Zezaprince's capture of Model #5 is really breath taking up and down!  
Photo of the Month Aneky43251
March 6 through April 8
The 3 words to describe this photo: beautiful, elegant and timeless! If you don’t know by now, Aneky from photos are so real she makes you feel like you’re in the room with the dolls. The lighting and the capture of each frame takes your breath away. Now I never really been into the Lana Tuner dolls, but I could so change my mind right now!
Photo of the Month by nerdography
January 30 through February 28
This is an Benny doll from Iple house; I could not help but post this photo because I love the eyes of this pretty doll. Nerdography did a great close up and I hope she continues to take more photos of Benny!
Photo of the Month by Zanalee
November 27 through December 27

What do you get when you put Boogie Beach Reese and Top Model Nikki together; Perfect Chocolate sista's who you will love to melt in your hands! Zanalee takes the most breath-taking photos I seen in the 29 years I been on earth. This photo here makes you really glad that you have Top Model Nikki in your collection and wish that Mattel will stop playing around and make a Nikki comeback. Reese plays her part too, she is sweet and sexy at the same time. No matter how you feel about both dolls, these two are the few best African American dolls around!
Photo of the Month by Frau_E.2010
October 23 through November 23

There are so many reason why I chose Eden for Photo Of The Month but, I will keep it short for you! When I first saw this photo I was really surprise that it was a doll because at first, Eden looks so human like that it's unbelievable. Everything in this photo screams the perfect model; Eden's eyes are giving you a really good story, her hair is the best and the pose makes it even more dreamy!  Frau_E.2010 does such a good job of bringing out the essences of Eden into our lives!
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