New Fashionistas Swappin Style Artsy


Last Friday night on October 8 I went to Target at Brooklyn College; I was so surprise to see the new Barbie Fashionistas Swappin Styles dolls there! Why was I so surprise you may ask? Well because the Target where I live always takes a long time to get new dolls and other toys, so I was really happy to find this Artsy doll there and she was the last one!

100_5151The button is on the backs of the doll for their heads to pop off seen here on  Lil Miss Vixen Flickr page!


Artsy is a very pretty doll but, the best looking face mold of this doll is Fashion Fever Desiree. To me Desiree had the right hair and makeup and looked very naturally unlike any other doll who carry this face mold! So I did what everyone else did when getting a new Fashionistas body; I SWAPPED IT! 

desiree_ffpurple_H0923_pic01 Photo is by Doll Wiki


  1. Congratulations to Desiree on her new, poseable body!

  2. Great find! Are the heads any easier to swap with these dolls?


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