New Fashionistas boys are looking so much better!


If you were a unhappy Ken fan, well boys and girls wipe those tears away because Ken is looking so Much better! Thanks to Tru_Fashionista we all get to see new Fashionistas Ken dolls on the market and here is Tru_Fashionista’s review on the dolls!

About the bodies, they are MAJOR improvements! Very similar to the 2010 Harley Davidson Ken body. Their heads can tilt like Harley Davidson Ken, they have pivotal knees, articulated wrists, and the elbow joint without the exposed metal piece. He's also has better detailed hands and feet and the fashions are very well made.

And the cons, their legs are like Swappin Styles Fashionistas and don't spread. I assume Mattel did this because annoying parents complained about the legs spreading too far and giving the kids naughty thoughts or some other crap!
Still, the good far outweighs the bad so I'm looking forward to Mattel releasing more guys into the line.


There is also a difference in body type from that last Fashionistas Kens 


I’m on my way to find these dolls now!


  1. Wow, I really, really like that new body. I just wish the neck joint was different, because I have a few dolls that I would love to body swap with. Or I wish they used a different Ken head, those ones are a little weird in my opinion, maybe too pretty"

  2. Thanks for sharing this news, Ebony!

    I agree with Aubrey Silver. I don't like those faces.

    Wonder if there will be a way to swap heads with the male Basic dolls?

  3. I don't like the heads, either. They're too smiley. Like a smirk or something.


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