Twilight Breaking Dawn: Bella and Edward Wedding!

I will be honest, I did not see Breaking Dawn yet! For all 3 Twilight movies I have been there front and center to watch my movie but for some reason, I decide to skip it and wait until it comes out on DVD and be ready to see the last movie in Theaters this fall! 

With that being said I would also like to buy the new Twilight:Breaking Dawn Bella and Edward Wedding Dolls for the clothes!  I already have the first set of Twilight dolls, Edward which I freaking love and I have Bella which I never posted pictures of! 

I don't know when there coming out but I hope soon because I need that top on Edward for Takeo! I had Takeo outfit plan out since last summer and now that I see this suit, things have really change! Plus the dress, I am making Addie's dress! I have sewed the dress together and all I need to do is add the pieces. But here comes Bella with this! WHAT IS A DOLL COLLECTOR  TO DO! 


  1. Both outfits are awesome! It's hard to find nice tuxes like this. Bella's dress is beautiful. Hmmm. What to do? What to do?

  2. Yeah i do like the clothes but too bad that edward isnt articulated! Bella has promise though!

  3. Hello from Spain, i do not follow any of the twilight. The bride and i really like the dress. It is spectacular. Buy the pair and use the wedding dress for the wedding you want to organize this year. Keep in touch

  4. We will see what happens! I really love that dress!

  5. I'm not a Twilight fan but I like her dress. I hope you get this set.


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