Jett having her Marilyn moment or should I say: My Night with Marilyn

Late last night I was up watching all my favorites; Pretty Little Liars, Being Human and I think my new fave Lost Girl! I decided to fix up my doll set and take some pictures.

This little set up you will see in the future however I just had to share these with you now. More photos are coming soon and they will be hot!

  Jett was letting her inner Marilyn Monroe out last night, I think she is truly beautiful and the best blonde on the face of this planet (real or not)!


  1. Jett is gorgeous! The Dynamite Girls have come a long way.

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl, DownTown Jett is the best of all the Jetts' ever made! I'm totally loving her!

  2. Hi from Spain, i love your Marilyn and her clothing that you put. I like the white coat. Congratulations on such good photos. The hair is perfect. Keep in touch

  3. Wow, your Jett does look gorgeous. I like this one and the black-haired Jett. Forgot their names ... I have ssooo been avoiding seeing the Dynamite Girls and Guys. Sigh.


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