Should I really post this!

Frank and Marie you will see more!

I had another late night again and believe me; I was very happy being up! I did a photo-story in my head and the pictures came out great! I'm just wondering should I post them on this blog!? It will be a short story between two lovers who have been dating since 2009, Frank(Francisco) and Maria(Monte Carlo) are a beautiful Latino couple in love! Frank is also a good friends with Takeo and he will be at the wedding! 

I don't know if I should do a video with a BIG OLD FAT WARNING or post them the old fashion with the pictures and the dialog at the bottom. If I do decide to make a video I would either have to post it on or! 

I will make up my mind soon because I do want to share! 


  1. Hmmm...that's a good question. I don't know how much of a stickler youtube is about anything considered to be "adult theme" because I've seen some things on there that made me think I was watching skinemax, LOL. Whatever you decide, please keep me posted. I'd like to see your stories. I've been wondering the same thing when I do start my stories up again. I don't want to be stunted creatively but I don't want folks to get upset either. What's about and does it have a free membership?

  2. If it is your artistic vision, don't censor yourself. Give a warning, and if people are really that offended by it, then that is their problem. We can't live our lives catering to everyone and cutting out our own needs. You take spectacular pictures and tell beautiful stories. As I always remind everyone...I never show or say anything you can't find on regular television these days. Regardless of where you post it you have a fan in me! :)

  3. Hi from spain, Fran and Mary makes a good match. I do not know what to say with the video. Sure that whatever you decide is right. Keep in touch

  4. Love your pic and they make a nice couple. I am with Cat, wherever you post, you can count on my being there watching.

  5. I think as the artist you have to post whatever you feel compelled to post. Supply the warning, and let people decide for themselves if they will watch it or not. If you wanted to put it on YouTube, but control who sees it, you would just make it accessible only if the person had the link, say through your blog or some other way.


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