Nikki a.k.a Nina Parker needs a new body!

I posted on that I need to cut down on my doll spending but, I do need to find Top Model Nikki aka Nina Parker a new body!

After reading Vanessa's blog, Nina (that's what I call her) will be in a storyline with Lukas Maverick sometime later this year!

In my mind, Nina is a very educated retired Top Model! She wants to look out for those younger generation of models out there who would get use and abuse!

Nina will show you nothing but tough love, she is very honest, opened and will tell you off in a nice way!

Please pray that I have the money to find Nina a new body! 


  1. I love the storyline, and you know that's my girl. Thanks for the blog mention. My Nikki is finally on her permanent body, which is a Pop Life body. Good luck finding her a good body.

  2. I love my Nikki too! I also put her on a Pop Life body. I just love that snobby look on her face. They need to make more Nikkis!

  3. I have 2 of Nikki. One is still on the original body and the other is on a older Shani body. I know she matches PL but I want her to have a little more meat on her bones. I'll let you know who works w/o having to break the bank

  4. Hello from Spain: I hope you get the money for the new body of Nina. Anyway, the current body is fine, right?. Keep in touch

  5. I love this girl, can't wait to see her in your stories.

    Like Vanessa mentioned, a Pop Life body works and if you don't mind the bend-click knees, the S.I.S. Kara (the one with the salon chair and hair styling accessories) has articulate elbows and wrists and her complexion is actually a perfect match. If you see Lil Ms Vixen's flickr photos, she has her Nikki on that body. :)

  6. Love your Nikki, she is one doll I don't have. Hopefully you will find her a new body soon!

  7. You will have the funds for her new body, don't worry. I love her bio too, she looks like she will keep folks in order.

  8. Hi Nicole!!
    I Have This Dream Too!!
    When I saw for the first time the Reese´s(Dynamite Girl)body,I thought I found A body for our DIVA but she has a very special skin tone.
    And I never seen by FR Integrity,or other factory a possibility for her re-body.
    If you have success,please share it with us!!
    I´m crossing mt fingers for that!


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