My Night in Target: I'm Trying So Hard.................................

I went to Target tonight to do a little shopping and sweeties temptation 
was killing me so deeply!

First of all the Barbie Basics 3.0 dolls were there and I could heard them saying 
"Pick me, Pick me, Please Pick me!"
I could not pick any of them because I want to save money 
but they are not making it easy!

Monster High Cleo De Nile sister Nefera De Nile was there and I heard Cleo 
screaming from my home "Do not buy her or I will curse you!"

The Create A Monster was driving me nuts, bananas and plan old crazy! 
Can I wait until my birthday; I really don't know!

Love seeing the So In Style dolls, I wanted to buy Marisa but I feel like she will be the Halle
that would come between Frank and Marie! I really can't have that now
because those two are doing so good! 

I really don't know about this fashion set; Mattel used to bring you the best
now they just bring you the damn worst!

That is all for now I'm glad I have my camera phone, it really does come in handy when I need it!


  1. I have not gone to Target nor TRU this month for fear of going against my goal for January (no dolls). I did visit the doll isle @ Walmart, but the only good item that they had was the mini Cooper. I am on count down..,11 more days to go in this month then SIS dolls here I come.

  2. All of the dolls are great. I saw the create a monster at Toys R Us, but the kit was listed at 29.99. I see that Target has it at a lower price.

  3. I resisted these ladies in person @ Target. I had gotten Model 8 with my last credit for 2011. So far I'm sticking to my goal and haven't brought anything else in. I do have 1 item coming in for February. It's amazing that I haven't shopped this month. The temptation is not so bad for me because I have these faces in blonde & brunette in my collection. I want the bathing suit/shoes from a couple but not enough to buy the doll. I'm resisting too so hang in there and remember your goals.

  4. I replied too soon..LOL. Marisa is a yes on my list but I can wait for her. She will be there when I decide to get her. The majority of the clothing sets these days are HORRIBLE..ugh. Sorry to those who don't remember good clothes the Big M used to produce. The fashions are so cheap these days but they want more $$ for less. What is up with all this glitter? They have had a couple of hits but that's it. It works for me because that's more $$ in my pocket and bank account :O)

  5. My daughter will have to have that monster making set for her birthday!

    1. I know she will have so much fun playing with this set!

  6. Well, I'm tryng to stay strong but they said the same thing to me. "Pick me, take me home!". Needless to say, I haven't went back-----yet!

  7. Marisa I will get soon but not now but my hands are itching for the Create A Monster set!

  8. You are sooooo lucky! I'm afraid here, in Spain, Basics 3.0 dolls will not arrive :(


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