My Moments in 2011: What I would like to do in 2012 and Beyond! If God is willing Part 2

In my first post I talked about my health and what I would like to do with my future aka life! Now I want to talk about my moments that happen on this blog and outside this blog!

Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story

I have been watching everyone's doll stories on YouTube and while I love all of them I thought to myself, why not show a different kind of relationship that you don't see on TV or YouTube too much! I wanted an Asian male and a African American Female to be the spotlight of my doll story. I paired Fashion Royalty Takeo and Mattel Alvin Ailey who I named Addie in April 2010 because for some reason they just belong together. I did something I never wanted to do because you have to put in some hard work and that is to make a doll video. Everyone loved A Christmas Love Story so I went ahead and made a serious which you know as Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story! 

Don't worry you Doll Lover's Takeo and Addie are coming back and the story of their wedding will probably run into spring! The Winter Premiere will start at the end of this month!

Being Creative

One night when I could not sleep I was up watching videos of a mother and daughter team call My Froggy Princess or My Froggy Stuff   where I learned how to make a doll room in a box! I always wanted to let my creative side show and I am so happy doing crafting on my own time!

The Pre-Order Nightmare

Do you remember in March of 2011 Integrity showed their new line of dolls for the year and when it was time to pre-order people true nasty colors came out of nowhere! I was very funny about the new Isha that was coming soon but I stayed home anyway on a Wednesday so I won't miss out. Well things turn out bad and end up turning really good! After spending an hour going back and forth from dolls site to see if they have Isha; no one had anymore! My heart was breaking so bad and then finally I got an email from Susan's Shop of Dolls saying "The doll is yours!" Talk about my heart coming back together! 7 months later Isha is home with me and is nothing but drama! I'm so in love!

P.S. I'm letting you know now that I'm not doing that ish again! 


This is a Man's World and it will be nothing without Me!

2011 was about the boys from Japan Ken to Jack Sparrow! The ladies want to see more of Takeo and who could blame them, he is freaking hot! I bought my first Action Figures Agent Crimson Lee. Harley Davidson Ken was finally in my hands; I mean the fellas have really showed us what they made of!  The men will come out more this year because they have lives too and we want to know more about them! 

300,000 VIEWS OMG

In November of 2011 I reached over 300,000 views which is a big achievement! Let me just explain this; when I first started this blog I wanted to talk about dolls of colors, my favorites toys while growing up, my love of books and movies and so on! I just wanted to share many things that have happen in my life as a person and as a lover of dolls! I'm so happy that people do read this blog because at time I think I am very corny!

 My Future Plans for BrooklynStarsForever

I will continue to share my love of dolls, toys and more! I will write and produce more doll stories and create more dolly crafts. Some of these things will have to take a back street while I do adult things but rest to sure I will be back at what I do best!


  1. Good luck, best wishes and continued successes for 2012, Ebony! I look forward to dropping by.

  2. God's Blessings upon your life and your family Ebony. I just want you to know that I am and will continue to pray for you. Prayer works! Trust and believe God for all things in your life. Even when things seem at their worst or lowest point, God is always there. He wants a relationship with you and loves you! If you need a prayer partner, have questions about studying the word, reach out. I am only an email away even if you just need a hug:) or conversation!

    Get yourself to the doctors and have those issues checked out at once! I am excited to see and hear from your blog, hugs and continued success in this new year of the New you :)

  3. Great to learn how Takeo and Addie were created. I love them as a couple. Congratulations on getting over 300,000 go girl! I can easily see why, your blog is one of the nicest around. I look forward to following for many years to come.

    Have a very blessed and stress-free day!

  4. 300,000 views, WOW! Best wishes for a great dolly 2012! Praying that you will be in the best of health this New Year!

  5. Awesome dolls! I still didn't prepare a wish list to 2012. I'm still thinking about it ^^

  6. Hello fron Spain: ypur plans for this year are very interesting. I like the wedding os Takeo and Addie. We also encourage you to make the furniture of your dolls and teach us. I like your boys have more prominence. The Harley Davidson Ken is one of my favorites. Keep in touch

  7. Thank you ladies it means a lot!
    Chynadoll I will keep in touch!


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