My First Dynamite Girl Is Sold: Thank You Tabitha:UPDATE

I knew there will be some heart break over selling my ever first Dynamite Girl Jett! Jett was always very special to because in 2008 I created my blog, I went to my first doll show and made some wonderful friends and of course I bought my first Dynamite Girl Jett because Reese did not arrival yet and at the time I was only feeling Jett! That's a damn lie I was feeling all of them but I had no more money to spend so I went home thinking about them for the rest of the weekend!

However I'm not so sad, my new Jett is stealing my heart like the first one and things are going well!

Over the weekend I will post a Farewell video to My First Dynamite Girl, Tabitha she coming home to you soon! Thank you for reading my blog!

UPDATE ON THIS POST........... Here are a few pictures never posted


  1. Sometimes it is hard to let go. You'll still have the memories of taking great photos of your first Jett AND you'll still have the photos to remember the enjoyment Jett provided.

    Congrats on your first sell. I'm sure her new owner will be pleased.


  2. Think how happy you made Tabitha and all the joy she is going to bring her! On the other hand I understand how you feel and the new Jett is just the right doll to make you feel even better! Thanks for sharing the never before seen photos!

  3. It's always hard at first. After a while you see how much better it is for you especially if the items aren't getting any play time. Like DBG said you still have your pictures. It always good when someone else is happy because of you :O)

  4. First of all, you really crack me up! Lol! Congrats on your sell! This is my dilemma as well. I have to photograph my dolls for sale this weekend and it is so hard determining who will be leaving.

  5. Thanks so much for selling her to me! I will be sure to share pictures with you... I have to feel her out in person and then she may be getting a makeover (I am a reroot artist and my partner-in-crime is a fantastic faceup artist I have to see what kind of vibe she gives me first..

    She will be in good hands - I promise. She will love her new life here... :)

    - Tabitha

    1. Also, you'll be interested to know that she is my first dynamite girl too!!!

    2. Awwwwwww thanks Tabitha and that's good to hear! Please enjoy her!


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