After Takeo & Addie: Lukas Maverick will get his own story line!

If you watch Spanish or Korean Dramas then you know almost all their shows don't stay on TV for years like they do here in America! Spanish or Korean Dramas could tell a good story in only 20 or 30 episodes leaving you fulfill at the end of each show! America dramas or soap operas I feel drag out the story line too long. This could also be why all the Soap Operas are being canceled; I know people are saying the reason why Soap Operas are being canceled because TV is changing that's true too but, the "Taking too damn long to tell the story" is seriously getting played out and making you lose interest! 

I'm sorry to tell you this: After Takeo & Addie big wedding I will have to stop the show from there! I know many of you love the couple but there are other dolls in my collection who also need to let their stories come out the closet. Don't worry; you will see Takeo and Addie in future stories because the person I want to focus on next will have history with Takeo!

Lukas Maverick  is the new leading man! 

When I first bought Lukas I didn't know I would be so head over heels with him I'm talking about him like he's a real man, how sad! I just love his face, those kissable lips and I get lost in your eyes could really do something to a woman! Lukas story I will take a little time with because he is a man that drama will always follow him. I will share some details with you.......

20 years ago Lukas dated and was engaged to a African American woman name Vikki Long, she left him 19 years ago because of him spreading his stuff to any woman who came in contact with him!

Takeo and Jack do not like Lukas at all because they have caught their women in bed with him! Takeo has dated before Addie, you will meet her when I start on this story!

Lukas now owns a Modeling Agency here in Brooklyn, New York with Frank Leon and Nina Parker!

Lukas has a 18 year ago daughter that he does not know about!


  1. I am not mad at you, Lukas is FIONE! If I ever get my hands on him, couple at D&TC will be breakin' up over him, LOL.

    Sounds great, can't wait to see this new leading guy in action. ;)

  2. Juicy! Look forward to reading more about Lukas.

  3. Tracy India: Takeo had a girlfriend 2 years ago and he caught her and Lukas in bed together, mind you this was a woman that Takeo love with all his heart.

    jack Sparrow's wife cheated on him with Lukas which lead to their divorces. All Lukas does is break up relationships!

    Georgia Girl:I'm on it trust me!

  4. Sounds exciting. Can't wait!
    Tracy - You are always looking for a reason to break up couples over there in CA. It must be something in the air.

  5. Lol at all the comments, It does sound exciting! Im looking forward to reading more.

  6. Hello from Spain: you are right that in Spain the series are shorter than in America. In addition if they lose they remove them to hearing from the television without getting to emit the end. In the programming of the television in Spain the brevity predominates. It does not matter that you change the plot if we will see Takeo and Addie and more dolls. Welcome Lukas. We follow in contact of blog blog


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