Sliver & Blue: Erin Young Rich and Beautiful

Picture this: It is the spring of 2008 and you're at your first doll show. You loved Barbie all your life but, when you see new dolls from other toy company's that you never heard of (until you have the internet) your mind starts to race though every thought you can think of! "What is this, who is this and why is this?"

The room is very hot but it's not the room, it's just you trying to clam yourself down because you don't have the money or the knowledge to buy a certain doll. You may have seen a few photos online and you will say to yourself "I will never buy those dolls, they look mean!"

Young Rich and Beautiful Erin was the first doll next to Nadja (Nadja 2) that has made my money run dry! In my mind Erin is the Ultimate Queen of the doll world; although Barbie may have everything because she had been shaved down our throats for so  many years Erin will always be one step a head of Barbie because she will fight you tooth and nail to get what she wants!


  1. Erin is gorgeous! I love your pics. I have one Erin in box. Your pictures are making me want to debox her. I like your better because of her nose jewelry.

    Merry Christmas Ebony!



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