Spoilers: What went on behind the photo-shoot of Sliver & Blue? A Short Photo-Story

Spoilers ALERT!  

So many things happen behind the photo-shoot last week and I just had to share! This is very important because it involves Takeo's  Uncle Dai and his so to be wife Claire and Addie's Aunt Annik! No one else knows this but me and now you guys who read this blog, Dai and Annik have history.  

20 years ago Dai and Annik were once lovers and Annik was pregnant with Dai child; Annik left Dai because of his dangerous lifestyle and asked a very dear and close friend to raise that child for her because at the time Annik was a very young woman and did not have a dime to her name so how on earth can she feed a child! The very close friend had no problem helping Annik out because at the time she also left a man who's life also was not child friendly! 

What makes this even worst is that child is a grown woman now and she is in this photo-shoot, who do you think she is?! You just have to wait and found out later as the winter season of Takeo & Addie: A True Love Story  will start soon!

Here is a short Photo Story 

Dai: How long do you have to work?
Claire: I should be done soon, don't worry I didn't forget about tonight!
Dai: Remember I'm cooking dinner at my place!
Claire: You know I love when you cook!
Dai: (Laugh) Please don't keep me waiting!
Both Dai and Claire kiss; Claire walks away to go take her photos.

On his way out Dai sees Annik and he could not help himself, he still loves that woman! Dai loves Claire with all his heart but Annik was the one he truly desired! 
As Annik is about to leave Dai rushes over to talk to her! 

 Dai: We are family now please stop trying to avoid me
Annik: I have to because every time we get closed, you over step!
Dai: I don't mean to be so pushy it's just you still and will always look so damn beautiful!
Annik: (Big Sigh) You can't say things like that, you're getting married!
Dai: Please can we talk; why did you leave me? You left no letters, no phone calls!
It took me years to find you and now all of a sudden we're back in each other lives through Takeo and Addie!
Annik: And the only time we should be seen together is through Takeo & Addie! 
Dai: Annik please don't walk away
Annik: No Dai, we have nothing more to say!

Well there you have it folks, there is a lot more to this story! Let me try to write so it can sound better! 


  1. Oh the drama. I just hope poor Claire is not his child. I will patiently wait for the drama to unfold.

  2. Ebony, this is getting good! My guess is that Nadja is their daughter and Annik was protrayed as her auntie. I can't wait!!

  3. Wow! Some drama is definitely going down. I can't wait to see wait to see the next story!

  4. @ Vanessa: That would be all kinds of wrong if I did that! A BIG OLE EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! But no, Claire is not Dai's daughter

    @ GG: Dai will meet this young lady pretty sure because when Annik's dear friend comes into town, she will have 3 daughters and you will know which one!

    @ Tracy: Takeo and Addie are a sweet young couple getting ready to spend there lives together, some of the issues that's going will have impact on them! However, this will make them stronger and will make them more open and honesty towards each other!

  5. Hello from Spain: very good history. I can' t wait to see wait to see the next story! Dolls enchants the clothes to me of all. We follow in contact of blog blog

  6. I can't wait to see this story! Juicy!


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