It's all coming together now! YAYAY

On Tuesday Thank you for reading my rant about getting my Christmas decor in order; your words helped a lot and going outside for a walk was just so wonderful feeling the fresh air (New York funking air).  For those of you who missed it please read this post Christmas Madness

I'm glad I stepped away from the project because more ideas came running to me while I was outside and I went to a few stores to pick a few things!

After much re organizing and having some tea, I have come close to things looking a little better

So much work!

That is Ms. Jett there looking faint because she helped with everything and for her help, she gets a whole pack of new clothes in the New Year! 

I will paint the Barbie chair because I don't want no damn pink in anything, hang up a some photos and decorations and we will be ready for the Holidays!


  1. So glad you are feeling better about it. I sure it will look fabulous when done.

  2. Thanks I was taking all the fun out of working so hard but the fun is back!

  3. Hello from Spain: I like much how you had left the black armchair. Very good work and very good photo with the Christmas tree. We follow in contact of blog blog

  4. It is coming together just fine. Jet looks pretty in her blue evening gown.


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