Almost Done With The Christmas Decor: That's If I Don't Change My Mind Again!

For some reason this Christmas I have lost all sense of peace on earth because no matter what I do; decorating has not been going too well and I was about to give up on everything! 

First off I bought a Sliver Christmas Tree from Target, I didn't buy the cheap 5 dollar one from Family Dollar because I really hated the one I bought last year because like I said before it looked cheap! 

Christmas of 2010: Let's talk about how I got the lights on the Tree, I really don't know what I was thinking and the decor could have been so much better such as the wall paper, the flooring and so on! The only thing that looks great in this photo is Model 10 because her beauty made you forget how bad everything else was in this photo!

Christmas of 2009: Now I love this set-up, I had everything going on here because it was not too much or too little, it was just right for my taste! Check the video for We Were Lovers On Christmas and you will see what I'm talking about! 

Christmas of 2008: It was my last year of college and 2 days before Christmas; after finishing up all my papers and taking 2 finals I had one day to go find a tree and some wall paper to decorate because all the good stuff was gone! The flooring was not that great however everything seem to come together and I could rest a little before Christmas actually stared. Here is another video to see the whole set-up Stepping Into The New Year

Everything is coming together for Christmas 2011 I'm working very hard on this because I just want the photos I take to be very special and here is a quick shot of everything...........

The Wall paper is right, the Tree is awesome, the sofa is ready to be use and the somewhat table stand is looking okay! I just need to find something for the flooring and hang-up some pictures! But in all, I just want everything to be right. I don't know why I'm stressing over this but I know I will have so much fun at the end!


  1. It will all work out in the end :) Just think of how you will feel when you get that final result you were after and the pictures come out fantastic. Excited to see your results :)

  2. I know I've told you this before and I have a feeling I'll tell you more and more that...I LOVE your collection! I had not seen these vids because I wasn't collecting yet so, this was a real treat.

    Both vids are beautiful and inspiring. I have to say, the Xmas video with Nichelle is my favorite of the holiday series so far but I've got a LOT of catching up to do with your videos. :)

    Sigh, love that Nichelle! She's my hairspiration. :)

    Can't wait to see this years holiday photos.

  3. Hello from Spain: I already see your collection of photos dedicated to Christmas. They are all spectacular. Very good work. Your collection of dolls is precious. I am wishing to already see your new dedicated entrance to Christmas. We follow in contact of blog blog

  4. Deep breaths. Again. It will all fall into place. Great seeing all of your Christmas pictures. Love how you styled this years doll. Least you are ahead of the game. I probably won't get inspired to do anything until Christmas eve. LOL!

  5. I love all of your Christmas pics! I can't wait to see the finished pictures of your holiday diorama for this year.

    P.S. I am including my blog info in all current post because I was informed by Vanessa that my blog is showing that it no longer exist. This is because I changed it early on. My blog info is the following:


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