I'm done

After getting so angry this week I have finally made everything pop! With nothing to do Friday morning I stayed up all night finishing up everything in regards to my Christmas Decor. 

Things are finally done and I will be taking pictures tonight, I'm so glad that everything is turning out to be great!

So far this will be something different because I will photograph Integrity dolls only (NO BARBIES)! I chose 8 or 9 girls to be in this year's them Sliver & Blue. The ladies are ready to do their job and have fun! 

Sometime next week I will post my photos because it's been so long that I sat down and enjoy taking pictures of my dolls, this one will be a treat!    


  1. Hello from Spain: I am desenado to see your 8 dolls in your wonderful photos. We follow in contact of blog blog

  2. Great! I love forward to seeing your dolls and pictures.


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