The True Indiana Royatly

Jason Wu sketch
Last Friday night I went Dallis BBQ in Manhattan with my doll buddies to talk about the dolls at the  Dark Romance Convention, but in general we talked about many other dolls such as Barbie, Liv Dolls, Monster High etc. One doll that came up in our conversation was Fashion Royalty Isha born as Isha Kalpana Narayanan. 

When I started collecting Fashion Royalty dolls I knew that Isha was the one doll I have to have, but with no such luck Isha is still not in my reach! I like or should I say love this character for so many reasons. 1. She is the only character with Indiana decent, 2. She takes Bollywood to a whole other level and 3. Isha is just so damn beautiful!

Something Cool Isha

When you first see any Isha doll she really embodies the Bollywood culture and spirit we seen throughout the years. Isha has also embrace the High fashion culture as well, the first Isha doll that came out in 2005 was Something Cool shows Isha in a throw back 6o's look. Later on that year 2 more Isha dolls came out Riveting Premier and Age Of Opulence. Riveting Premier is a bit Hollywood Glam while Age Opulence takes Isha back to her roots.

The Isha doll I really wanted but, she just cost to damn much came out in 2008 Purple Pose, this was another Isha doll that went back to your roots in a transitional purple Indiana dress.

In the doll meet on Friday we talk about that we would like to see Isha make a comeback in 2011. I mean it's time for her to comeback right. Isha was last seen in 2008, there was no sign of her 2009 and she still MIA in 2010. The hiatus should be over and done with come 2011.


  1. I wonder if she's going to make a come back soon...

  2. 2011 will be a great year if she does make a comeback!


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