The Fashionistas Boys are here!

I went to Toy "R" Us two weeks ago to buy Harley Davidson Barbie & Ken Gift-set but guess what? He was not there and it was a good thing because I be damn if I'm going to pay so much money for Ken and not play with the Barbie!

Now you all know I live in New York and the cost of the trains and buses are $2.25 a ride! Plus having that bomb scare in the spring of this year in Time Square does not help either, so when I travel in Manhattan it better be for a good reason! So while in Toy “R” Us they had some new and old Fashionistas and this was the perfect time to look for the new Kens. Right away I found Cutie but finding Sporty will be a challenge.

 I went through so many Barbie Fashionistas in that store which I had to fix some of the dolls back up because I made a big mess! For those of you who never been to the Toy “R” Us in Time Square, the Barbie section is like a 2 story house, so I had to go upstairs to see if any Ken dolls was there and he was not! I went back downstairs and looked again some more and at the top of Barbie Fashionista dolls where I was looking before Mr. Sporty himself was right there!

I had to change their clothes to see how they look handsome right. These 2 will have more photoshoot coming soon and they need names so look for them in future coming stories!


  1. you should do a shoot with them as lovers ^_^


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