Luxury Coffee

Raina drinking coffee 

Coffee comes in many diverse delicious styles; people all over the world can not start their day unless they have a cup of Joe! Can you believe that we have so many to choose from such as: Black Coffee, Mocha, Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Macchiato and so on! It does not matter what level of income you have, you can enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee from 50 cents to 6 dollars. Coffee is the one luxury we all have in common!

The reason why I call this doll photo blog Luxury Coffee is because African American Dolls come in all special skin tones. Just like African American Humans, the beauty of collecting African American dolls is a joy to do because like Coffee you fell in love with so many flavors!

I created this blog because on my main blog Brooklyn Stars Forever, I felted that I was neglecting my purpose of talking about sharing photos of African American dolls. I still will bring up important issues and photos regarding African American dolls but Brooklyn Stars Forever will be a little bit deeper when it comes to all dolls of the rainbow.

Luxury Coffee will only focus on African American dolls photos by me and other members from flickr.


  1. I don't drink coffee... I like saying that. It unnerves people for some reason... especially since the profession I'm in, it is joked that everyone is addicted to coffee. I don't know how to ride a bike either, that's something else other people find bizarre *shrugs*

    I am a tea drinker. And I hate those USA Tea Bagging people whatevs they are...

  2. Maybe I'll steal... err I mean borrow... your idea and start up a LUXURY TEA blog... for Asian dolls hehehe

    Except I lie... I don't even drink real tea. I drink fake tea from cheap tea bags. Actually, sometimes I drink real green tea - do Asian people come in green? hmmm probably the zombie ones do...

  3. Okay lmao

    I drink both coffee and tea! I love coffee a little more because you can put anything you want it! I like many different teas but coffee all the way!

    The thing with coffee is, you can not just drink it by itself! You need to eat something with it or or you will always be unnerve!


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