My 13th Fashion Royalty doll: Mais Oui! Giselle Diefendorf

The doll you see on the left here was the Giselle I wanted! What made me really like Giselle was the freckles, she has such cute freckles just like ElectroPop Rufus Blue who came out the same year and now I own. No matter how much I liked Old is New Giselle, she never joined my club! Just like the other Fashion Royalty dolls, Giselle seem so mean and though out her history I never really found a Giselle doll that my desires wanted me to have!

When Integrity toys was announcing their new collection this year, just like everyone else I was waiting on pins and needles to see what was coming out! The Foundation Collection pictures showed up and I knew that I had to have the Mais Oui! Giselle Diefendorf!

Before Perk Colette was on my mind, Mais Oui! Giselle was in my heart the whole time; so you know it really bug me that we all had to wait so long for her to show up at our door steps!

There is so many things I like about Mais Oui!; The only thing I hate is her hair! Yes her hair is just plain awful, I think Integrity had some of Mattel koolaid! But other than that; Giselle is a keeper and I am so happy to have this doll in my collection, I just need to find somebody to put freckles on her! Now I will stop talking and show you the photos!


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