Happy with Luxury Coffee and addicted to Tumblr

After started my new doll photo blog on Thanksgiving Thursday, the response for Luxury Coffee has been truly amazing!  Instead of using flickr.com members photos I went to google and type in African American dolls and found so many beautiful dolls in the world!  There are not enough words to say how much I love this project; African American people and dolls has opened my eyes a little more to the beauty of our wonderful skin color! 

I know the same doll makers keep leaving us out on major lines and if they do add African American dolls, it's always 1 or 2. Never less, we have come a long way.

There are so many troubles and honors from our past in American history, I just wish we can leave it all behind and move forward in a new journey!

While being on Tumblr I have become very addicted to one blog on there called Fuck Yeah, Women of the Rainbow. The blog shows the beauty of women from all over the world so please check that out!
Talk to you soon!


  1. I'm totally getting addicted to tumblr too.

  2. i love your blog, ive saved it in my favorites, thanks for all the great posts and you're pictures are so cool to look at!

  3. Thank you Danielle, it's not just me who makes the site it's also the people who take wonderful photos!


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