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Dolls Do It Better: Britney Spears Vs My Melody

The always in your face, the QUEEN of bad media I choose to use this week is Britney Spears! Why Ms. Spears you may ask yourself; HELL why not! Britney as been known for doing things that no country girl should ever do, but she did it anyway. I'm not a fan of Ms. Spears, but I do go on YouTube and search for some songs I do like of hers. Which songs are my favorite, I don't know because I only pay attention to the beat. Remember that Rolling Stone Cover Britney did that had all the parents going nuts or bananas; well here is the cover right here

I see nothing wrong with this cover in fact, when it first hit the stands I really like it. But, I could understand the parents not liking it because its very sexual and all that other bad stuff!

Did MY Melody do it better, heeeeellllllllllllllllll yeah! She did everything right with that cute face. Plus the teddy bear made this photo more sweet than sexy!

Melody is wearing. Sharpay High School Musical top, Erin's bra and Cali girl Christie swim pants


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