New and Real Photos of Barbie Twilight Dolls coming the Fall!

I am happy to report that there are new photos of the Twilight dolls coming out in October. The below photo of Bella and Edwards is from a scene in Twilight. Bella tells Edward that she knows he is a vampire and Edwards shows her proof while shinning like a new pair of shoes under the sun!Here are other Photos!


  1. I'm actually quite impressed with the detailing in Edward's clothing! Though I'm not entirely sold on him just yet, his clothing is entirely worth the purchase.

    As for Bella, I hate the fact that they used the Mackie mold: pretty, and all, but just not right for her. Oh well, her clothing is pretty good too. Maybe when/if she goes on clearance. I can't wait to see the Jacob doll, though!

  2. Edward has an interesting face. His hair looks odd though, sort of like a rug? The odd complexion isn't too bad. I could take that. His clothes look great. Nice shoes, too.

    Bella = boring. But her clothes look sharp, too, so if I see her on clearance, as Top Doll Management writes, I'll get her then. I would have used a Drew or a Teresa head mold for this character since they didn't think that she was important enough to warrant a personalized head sculpt.

  3. I am the only person on earth who doesnt deal with anything vampire .. i still love the dolls .. especially the coats .

  4. Oh my gosh.. I can NOT WAIT!! Great pictures!.. This is the first time I've SEEN any of them!


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