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Barbie Doll Fashionistas Part 2

Here is a more clear picture of the new Fashionistas dolls by Mattel!

I really like these dolls but, (you know there was going to be a but) we did not need 4 blonde's. I love Artsy but I do wish her hair was a little darker. Plus were is the Latinos and Asians dolls! I also hope that the Ken version has a movable body. I'm so glad this girls are movable because this can make the phootshoot much better. Mattel needs to stop playing games because there are other ethic grounds in the world and it will really be cool if they threw some more tomatoes in the salad bowl.


  1. Thanks for sharing this photo. Yes, now I can see that "Artsy" is Black. (Couldn't tell from the smaller photo - older eyes, see ;-P)

    Artsy is the only one I can see definitely buying. The Desiree head mold hasn't been used that often, and the doll looks fresh (borrowing your salad analogy LOL). I love the boots, her attitude, but did the dress have to be purple?

    Sassy and Wild are sort of cute, but I have a ton of Drew faces and Barbie faces from the Fashion Fever line alone to likely buy these two unless they are on clearance. Maybe not even then, depending.

    I am amazed that given the growth of the Hispanic population in the U.S.A., that there do not seem to be any Hispanic dolls. Unless Sassy is supposed to be the Hispanic doll? Mattel did use the Drew head mold for the Top Model Teresa dolls ....

    Not ONE Asian doll ... I do not understand that. They have or Toys R Us produced an Asian Barbie for President ... why no other Asian dolls in playline series? They have the Lea/Kayla head mold or they could try the Drew head mold for something different.

  2. I enjoy dolls of all colors but Barbie was white first. You cant expect Mattel/Barbie to do asian and hispanic and black in EVERY line. When someone thinks of barbie, they think of your steriotypical blonde blue eyed girl. Please dont complain, we are lucky to be getting good fashion and articulation.

  3. Hello Stwve thank you for your comment!

    I'm not complaining at all! I know Barbie is white and will always be white! I love Barbie every since I was a little girl, this is coming from a very dark skin girl from brooklyn.

    From 2004 up to spring 2007. Fashion Fever Barbies had many dolls that were black, hispanic, and asian! maybe even indian! Lets not forget Barbie herself! You had dolls with different color hair; that was the whole reason I stated to like Baribe again!

    Desiree who I could not find in stores back then was really cool doll.

    Kira who was my first Fashion Fever doll was also very cool!

    I will be the dolls for the articulation bodies, beause Drew, Kira and some other will be able to move a little bit more!

  4. collllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll soooooooooooooooTue Oct 20, 10:14:00 PM EDT



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