Never before seen photos

Trying to find some things to talk about and looking for news. So far nothing in my life is going on; well looking for a job is nothing to talk about only that it is the most pain in as...... un I mean butt! So here are some never before seen photos of Erin, Adele, Colette and Summer


  1. I love Erin!! Excelent cose up

  2. have you heard that there's going to be a new character unveiled at the 2009 FR Convention? Dominique Makeda - sister/cousin/relative of Adele... I can't wait to see her!!! (I am pretty sure it's a her... Dominique is a girl's name yes?)

  3. Summer makes Erin look giant. But Erin wears that outfit better.

    The Adele photo looks haute couture.

    Thanks for sharing these photos.

    Good luck with the job search; I'm seeking too.


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