Twilight Bella & Edward: Barbie Collector Dolls is Coming Soon!

I am taking a few days off from posting but had to share this!

Posted by one of the members from Impossible Princess. Barbie Collector Doll Twilight Bella & Edward is due to come out in October! I can not wait because these dolls look really good! Although I'm not a big Edward fan, I will never pass on this doll.

As you can see the doll really does look like Edward, but I can not say the same for Bella! Instead of Mattel being a little creative, they just had to go pick out a face mold we've seen before! I'm not to happy about that because I really thought they was going to do something different! Never less I will still buy her! Now if they really want to make me a happy buyer; MAKE A JAKE DOLL!


  1. The movie was boring. I didn't like any of the characters, BUT I want the male doll. I might get the girl one for her outfit, but I agree that she's nothing special.

    Thanks for sharing, Nicole!

  2. Those dolls look so much better than the tonner dolls that came out awhile ago.

  3. looks like they are gonna make a Jake doll - Dana and me have posted posted the "news" on our blogs hehe (so it better become true or I'd silly like a bringer of false news)


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