My most Popular Photo on Flickr

One of my most popular photo on flickr is Model of the Moment Nichelle aka Natoya Walker! One night in February I was sitting home with nothing to do and decide to do a photoshoot. I wanted to do a photoshoot with the girls in a sexy swimsuit or underwear theme! The first Model to take pictures was Natoya because I just got her for Christmas and she needed some time to shine! Well did she shine something fierce. The clothes I use for Natoya was a Fashion Fever raincoat and last years Barbie beach fun swimsuit! Natoya is very gorgeous dark skin doll so I wanted something to make her true beauty smack you in the face!

This photo has over 140 views and counting! I'm glad everyone likes this photo. I never thought it was going to be that popular!

Although this photo is not as popular as the one above it still has that heavy energy that makes you're mind go crazy!

P.S. I will start updating more stories and photos next week, today I'm getting a tooth taking out so for the rest of the week I will be in the bed! Please everyone take care of yourself and GOD BLESS!!


  1. I love Nichelle too! except I've broken her neck and I don't know how to fix it lol I can still use her in photo shoots if I balance the head right... shhhh don't tell anyone...

    I am looking to get another mint version of her (this time I won't break her neck again)

  2. Although you have some many wonderful pictures, it's very easy to see why this one is one of your most popular photos. The lighting is excellent!!! The pose is perfect!! And clothing and style is out of this world! I'm loving it!!


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