So in Styles Dolls by Mattel

Mattel has created an all Africa American doll line call “So In Style” (S.I.S) designed by Stacy McBride-Irby. The lead character Grace is best friends with Barbie; she later moves to Chicago with her little sister Courtney and they befriend Trichelle and Kara who also have little sisters name Janesa and Kianna. Each group of girls shows excitement in education, sports and our favorite FASHION! The “So In Styles” girls want to bring back sisterhood in the Africa American community by being Role Models and giving young girls something to believe in.

These Photos were posted by cjwycoff from the Pink Parlor Board!

The little sisters

The dolls are in store right now and the doll community seems to be impress with these characters! Me, myself I am happy to see an all Africa American doll line in the stores. Where were they was I was a little girl.

Growing up as a child I never saw a doll that looked like me. Those who have met me in the doll community, I’m a very short (a little on the heavy side) dark skin woman. It’s a little too late that these dolls came out, but right on time whatever that means. In the Africa American community a lot of our little girls are growing up too fast and may not be interested in other things to expand their minds! So I glad these dolls are coming out to make differences. We also can make a difference by leading our little girls on the right path to a better future. You are never too old to play with dolls and I know that for a fact. I always share my doll fixation with my niece and she loves playing with me; we even make up some really corny stories but we do not care because we are having fun!

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  1. will you be buying these dolls? can you be my shipping buddy pretty please? I can transfer funds via paypal (even though I hate it because the transfer process to paypal from your bank account takes forever!)

  2. I running low on funds right now, so I have to save some money because sending over seas cost a lot which I did not know!! So I can be your shipping buddy! I don't have a bank account and just like you I HATE paypal!! If I have time next week and money,I'll make a stop in ToyrUs!

  3. of course I'd pre-pay for the shipping & packaging and inconvenience (waiting at the post office isn't fun I know) costs!

    and yeah, the Pacific Ocean is quite a distance to travel over... that must mean that all my dolls are great travellers! lol :D

  4. Thanks, Ebony Nicole, for these additional photos and the information about the S.i.S. dolls being online.

  5. I'm thinking about going to Toy r us in two weeks when I have money and see if they have these dolls! As soon as I get the doll I want, I will post pictures!


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