The New Check out Man!

So as of right now I have 8 Fashion Royalty dolls, which I'm going to stop buying for a while because I need to same more money. Early this week I told you that I was getting London by Night Fashion Royalty Ayumi she is my 7th doll of the FR collection. Now for Mr. Number 8 who is Checking out Francisco Leon. To make it easy on myself I'm going to call him Frank for short. The other boys seem to be hating on him, but I told them I still love them no matter what! River my only My Scene boy is hanging out with Frank and they are becoming good friends. I also think Frank has a thing for one of the girls, good lord he just got here! Oh well, I will soon take pictures of him. Here is a close up photo of him from Royalty Girl from Flicker!

Photo by Royalty Girl! Check out her blog on the Right hand side!