Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Freak for Royalty

Happy June Everyone,

Just want to share some good news with you. I am getting my 7th Fashion Royalty doll today. As of right now its 2:56 in the morning so that means I did not go to sleep yet lolol! Do you want to know which Fashion Royalty doll I'm getting, Well take a look

Yes I am getting London by Night Ayumi doll! If I could not get the first one, I think the 2nd will do just fine. I will take pictures of her and will be restyling her hair and getting her ready for this year Summer Bliss series! I have some big plan for her and the other dolls! So stay tune and which!

These Photos were taken by APPark / Amber from APPark / Amber flickr.com.

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