The Newbie's Present: A Christmas Love Story....

So It's early Sunday morning and I am here to tell you that.....I UPLOAD MY FIRST PHOTO STORY VIDEO, OH YEAHHHHH! It took me 2 days to do this and I still messed up on a lot of things but I did not want to keep you waiting. This is the beginning of the beginning and who knows maybe more will come!
I hope you will enjoy this!


  1. Congrats on getting it finished! I enjoyed it. I loved the music and the gifts. The first few will be a real learning experience. I also had one that required some fast reading. LOL!

  2. I love your video...and this is your first one...WOW! The story is so sweet and the music choice was phenomenal. BTW, I love your blog!


  3. Congratulations! Very sweet. I also love Carmen McCrae. Can't wait for the next one.

  4. Thanks everyone, I will keep you up to date on these two love birds for the next few weeks!

  5. Ebony, that was fantastic!! And what a wonderful tribute to Carmen McRae. What a great rendition of that holiday song! It was so nice to listen to while watching that story! It was a perfect choice!
    : D

  6. Hey, I see I wasn't the only one who enjoyed the music! The video was very cute! I am glad to see more of us bloggers trying to make videos. I would think picking the music is the hard part. Great Job!!!


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