I'm making a Wedding Dress

If you read and watch my video A Christmas Story Love Story; then you know that Takeo and Addy are set to run down the aisle. There is no time like the present and they want to get married NOW! So sometime this summer, they are set to become Husband and Wife! However before they plan to spend their lives together, they do have to met the family first! You do want to meet the family right; Well after the 4 of July I will make a post or a video about who's who on Takeo's side and Addy's side. Trust me, you won't believe who I made Takeo's mom and there will be DRAMA!

Now back to the dress; it has been over 10 years since I picked up the needle and thread. I learned how to sew in my last year of high school and fell in love. Instead of picking out a dress I already have or going to the store buying a doll and snatch the dress off of her, why not make my own dress. 

So far everything looks good, I am sewing with my hands no machine needed! I already put the dress together and it turn out pretty well, all that is left is decorations. My mind is running wild with ideas and I really can not wait to see how this one will come out! Pray for me so I won't mess up!



  1. Can't wait to see it. They're such a cute couple. My mother and I are supposed to be working on a wedding dress too. We'll see if we ever get around to that!

  2. Ebony can't wait to see the families and the dress. You can post the pics of your doll room I need some inspiration to get my butt in gear :O)

  3. I look forward to seeing the wedding dress. Bride dolls are one of my favorites to collect. Also can't wait to see your doll room. Mine is a disaster right now...Lol!


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