Cleaning my messy room!

My room is not that dirty but, it does need a little love. I need more wall space for myself and my chilren. While cleaning I relize I have to sell some of my dolls, which is a very hard thing to do. Some dolls I don't play with too much and I think it's better if I found them a new home; I have new dolls coming in so I need to give some things up. Other dolls that I fought hard to get will come out and play this summer! We will see how life works out for all of us!


  1. Oh, yes, I have to clean my room, too. And sell some folk and some stuff. The sooner the better.

    Problem? Eventually, I will buy stuff. And so it goes.

    Thanks for having the links to other sites on your website. Helps me find new DAF bloggers and to see new stuff.


  2. Anytime D7ana, When I find website I always like to give them a line on here so people can go check them out! I have some more to post!


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