30 Black Dolls I love: The Final...... The Top 6 dolls

The top 6 dolls of 30 Black Dolls I Love is here; there is not much I can say about the top 6, only that it took me years to find number #6 and the #1 dolls. Number 5 I bought for $20.00 at a doll show. Number #4 was my 2nd dynamite girl and Number #3 was my 3rd Fashion Royalty doll. I am really happy that I did this list and sticking to the theme was very important for me. So please enjoy The Top 6 of 30 Blacks Dolls I Love!

The Night & Evening Wear Welcomes The Top 6

Desiree Fashion Fever

Kwanza Barbie and Dynamite Girls First Reese

Nadja R Urban Outfitting

Top Model Nikki

Models of the Moment Nichelle
30 Black Dolls I Love: I'M LETTING YOU KNOW NOW, next there will be no 31 Black Dolls I love!!! I'm just saying!