Can't let go!

Rufus Blue Rock Candy

This years Dynamite Girls/Boys was a smash, the boys won hands down with many collectors going into a Roman battle. While the dolls may look sweet and cute to everyone else, I'm having a hard time finding the boy or girl to steal my heart away.  At first I like both Jetts' Aqua Bella & Downtown Darling but, I had to pass because Isha came out of nowhere. A few minutes after I was thinking to myself  "Maybe I can sell my Electro Pop Rufus Blue and replace her with the new one!" Now my idea sound great but, my feelings got in the way!

I think all of you would agree with me that we become so emotional attach to our dolls or any toys of that matter, that when it's time to let go we just keep holding on!

In the last 15 minutes of Toy Story 3 when Andy was giving away his toys to a little girl name Bonnie, he had a hard time letting go of Woody. I don't care how old you are, when a toy, pet, cartoon, friend and or family member is moving on, pass away, donated, sold or going off the air; you are going to have some emotional bond to it.

Just thinking about selling my Electro Pop Rufus Blue was giving me an panic attack. I know you don't see too many pictures of her but, that will change because I would start taking her out with me on dolly outting and do more photo shoots at home with Rufus, so here are some photos of Rufus Blue!

Ms. Blue with Taj

Ms. Blue in a pretty close up!

Hey Ms. Blue


  1. I'm glad you're keeping her, she's edgy and sweet at the same time.

    I'm not too thrilled about the Dynamite Girls/Boys either...but I'm thinking the AA DG guy's complexion might be a perfect match to head swap with AA Barbie Jeans Basic #17. :)

  2. I hope they make more dudes with big afros! Or how about some dreads? AA dolls need some variety!

  3. Dani -- I agree... afros, dreads, braids, something different in the AA male look will be welcomed by me!


  4. I would totally buy a dude with dreads!

  5. Hey Ebony! Hope you're feeling better. I am so diggin your blog!! Girl, you keep it up!! Woo hoo! Lovin all your pics and can't wait to see what's comin up next. Dolly outing coming soon - maybe when all this humidity stops coming around.

  6. I love your doll photography. Rufus Blue does have an "Edgy but sweet" look.

    For me though, I would like a Hard Candy Rufus Blue. Wouldn't be able to get her any time soon - alas - but I can dream now ;-)

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. @Angie, I know this is late but thank you for your comment!

    @D7ana, I hope you find her but if I never have Rock Candy it will be just fine! Thank you!


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