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Thank you to Vanessa I download FireFox and was able to make changes to my blog. I had to make sure the the problem was Internet Explorer 9 and not my computer, so I went on my smart phone (Motorola Backflip) log into my site and click on Template Designer, would you know without any problems Template Designer was up and running! It's such a shame that I had to download one program because the other was not working, talk about having a big headache


  1. Hi,Nicole!
    I found your amazing blog just surfing on the web.But suddenly I remember your name...and I think we are virtual friends on Flickr.
    Am I rigth??
    Ebony Nicole Is A Name Familiar!!
    Anyway Congratz For Your Blog I'm Join You Now!!
    Thank You!
    Jorge Ramiro(Clicking Dolls)

  2. I feel your pain! I reverted back to an older version of IE for that very reason. I am so used to IE, that I still prefer using it, but everytime I moved to a newer version, I had problems. It was even affecting my Facebook. Thanks for the blog link!

  3. Yes, Jorge!

    I knew who you were for since last year! I love your blog and photos on Flickr and I join your blog I think yesterday! Thank you so much for stopping back!

    And Vanessa

    I have to call Gateway or somebody to come fix my main site on my computer nothing is working right but all the other sites are okay! I really do like Firefox and will keep it!


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