Isha comeback as a Scene Stealer!

The news is out; mostly all of you who read this blog also probably reads The Fashion Doll Review, Shuga Shug and Collecting Fashion Dolls by Terri Gold have seen the new Fashion Royalty and Dynamite Girls 2011 collection. Those bloggers already gave you the details you need to know and if you do not know please check out the sites that I mention. 

**photos are property of Integrity Toys**

As a doll lover I have to say that I'm in love with all the doll fashions but not the dolls, which is a good thing because I get to keep my money. There are so many missing characters that I wanted to see this year such as Ayumi and Nadja who have been M.I.A since 2008 when I first fell in love with them! However they did not make the cut this year, some new bitches took their place and I'm not happy about that one bit! I am glad to see Erin with her long black hair and white as snow lovely skin but, sadly I will not be getting her. But enough about my dislikes and more dislikes about 2011 collection because there is one doll I will spend my last money on because we may not see her again in another 5 years like I said on facebook yesterday.

On November 14 of 2010 I wrote a piece about Isha making a comeback in 2011(which is this year), the blog title was called The True Indiana Royalty  and here is a piece from that blog entry  

In the doll meet on Friday we talk about that we would like to see Isha make a comeback in 2011. I mean it's time for her to comeback right. Isha was last seen in 2008, there was no sign of her 2009 and she still MIA in 2010. The hiatus should be over and done with come 2011.

**photos are property of Integrity Toys**

Who would have guess that Integrity toys actually remember Isha and bought her back in the 2011 collection as a Scene Stealer. After over 25 dolls release yesterday only in photos Isha was there in the group.

I wanted an Isha doll for so long but, when I first saw photos of Scene Stealer I just had to say to myself "Why does she look so white" Now please don't be upset with me because I'm not making a racist statement!

Pass Isha dolls Photo by Laurie's Angels

We all have seen past Isha dolls and she has always had a dark or light brown complexion. Don't get me wrong, I still want Isha and like her very much; I just wish they kept her in the orangial format because as always there are only a hand few ethics dolls.

I like to keep my doll collection very diverse, I like to make up stories in my head about who and where the dolls background lies. Only in my dreams Isha will be with me and now this coming Wednesday, it will not be so much of a dream anymore. Isha is beauiful no matter what her skin color is and I have to get my hands on her because LORD KNOWS we may not see (God is willing) next year!

**photos are property of Integrity Toys**

**photos are property of Integrity Toys**