30 Black Dolls I love: Behind the Scenes

These are all mine!
On Monday afternoon I gather all my black dolls and got to work on my list for 30 Black Dolls I Love. I have a total of 36 black dolls altogether and maybe in the near future will probably buy more but, for right now my focus is on choosing a mixture of girls and boys in the sum of 30 to celebrate my birthday coming in a week or so. As you can see in the photo I have my notebook on the bed and ready to work. First I had to break it down in groups, what I mean by that is; I had to see how many Fashion Royalties, Model Muses, Dynamite Girls, and Fashionistas I have altogether. That is done, now I have to pick 30 dolls to be featured. Please wish me luck because, I have change the list 4 times and need to change it again! 


  1. Love your concept of 30 to celebrate your birthday. I love the dolls running track!


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