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30 Black Dolls I love: The B Shop 30-24

Finally the day is here! Welcome to 30 Black Dolls I love Theme for Black History Month and so on. Today I'm turning 30 years old and have decided to celebrate by show casing my love of Black dolls. I have over 36 black dolls but, could only pick 30. This list was not easy to make and the set up took me an hour but, at the end of the day it was all worth it and so much fun!

Now 30 Black Dolls I love will take place in 2 parts: Part 1 will be call The B Shop, where from 30-15 these dolls were given to me, fell in love with in time or just got them at a really good price, Overall I still love them no matter what!

Part 2 will be Night and Evening Wear: In this part from 14- #1 these are dolls I wanted badly, they are lucky finds, birthday and Christmas gifts to myself and starved for ; meaning some nights I ate PB&J to save money for the lucky girl I wanted!

These Boys and Girls are from different toy companies which means they all come from different walks of life, so lets start the list and have some fun!

Welcome to  The B Shop: Where you can find the most fabulous wear for low prices!  
Dynamite Girls Holiday Series: Valentine's Day TJ & So In Style RocaWear Grace

BirthStone: November Miss Topaz
Dynamite Girls Vinyl Vintage Collection Reese

Flava Tre

Dynamite Girls Boogie Beach Reese

Barbie Basics Taget: Model 8

I will be back with 23 throught 15


  1. This came out sooo cute! Love the shop and your girls look fly. Great selection, I can't wait to see the rest of the list.

    Happy Birthday.

  2. Beautiful girls. Are they in any particular order? I mean do you like #30 the least?

  3. Hi Dani,

    Thank you for the comment, as I said before, I love my dolls. I have over 36 blacks dolls out of 80dolls all together. When buying my black dolls I'm very pitty! I only pick 30 because I just turn 30 years old and wanted to do a list of 30 blacks dolls, I love all of them the same in many different ways if that makes any sense! Stay turn for more post and I will explain!

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