Oh my little Susies'

If you could remember back in December I wrote a post called My First 2 Susie Dolls; it was in that post I talk about my doll buddy giving me some of her dolls and clothes because, she is not collecting anymore small dolls due to her becoming a fan of the big girls (big dolls). I have not been in the mood to take photos for the past 4 weeks but, early this morning I felt a little inspired with my new set-up background.

While setting up for my 30 black dolls I love theme, why not give Susie.B and Susie.Q a much needed photo shoot!

Susie.B in red

B is in Pink now!

Susie.Q is really for her Sunday Walk

Q likes to party just a little bit!

B and Q are looking to see what else can they try on!