Pre Orders, Pre Orders and Pre Orders are NOT here yet!

If you stilling waiting for your Pre orders dolls by Integrity! Ms Susan from Susan Shop of Doll's send me an email last week letting me know that the new Giselle and Dynamite should be coming in next month! Here is the email........................

Hi Ebony:

It looks like another 3 weeks or so for the Dynamite Girls Collection release and the release of the Mais Oui Doll according to this email from the W Club.

In order to ensure the quality of all of the 2010 doll lines, factory production was delayed. Below is a new shipping schedule from Integrity.

Arriving Late June:
Fashion Royalty
Item #91246--Eugenia "Tricks of the Trade" Doll

Arriving Mid-July:
Dynamite Girls
Item #66030--Rufus Blue Vintage Vinyl Doll
Item #66031--Gavin Vintage Vinyl Doll
Item #66034--Sooki Vintage Vinyl Doll
Item #66035--Reese Vintage Vinyl Doll AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

Poppy Parker
Item #PP013--"Beatnik Blues" Doll
Item #PP015--"She's Arrived" Gift Set
Item #PP016--"A Night to Remember" Fashion
Item #PP017--"Sealed with a Kiss" Fashion

Fashion Royalty
Item #82029--Giselle "Mais Oui!" Doll AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

Arriving Mid-August:
Poppy Parker
Item #PP012--" Coney Island Saturday" Doll
Item #PP014--"The Look of Love" Doll

Fashion Royalty
Item #91241--Kyori "Deceptively Yours" Doll
Item #91247--"Winning Ensemble" Fashion
Item #91248--"Flash Star" Fashion
Item #91254--Natalia "Private Goddess" Doll

That’s the news from Integrity Toys through the W Club email.

I will email you when your doll order is shipped out to you.


Until then I have to hold off on some photo shoot that I have for the Summer Bliss theme coming in at the end of June or early July!