My 12th Fashion Royalty Doll: Perk Colette rename Claire Duranger

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12 Fashion Royalty dolls!

Let me start off by saying, when I first found out about these dolls I always said to myself "I will never buy these dolls, they look so mean!" Well now I have 12 and 13 should be coming really soon. Although some of the girls and guys may have mean faces don't get it twisted, they are the nicest group of dolls you will ever met!
Back to my 12 Fashion Royalty doll, she is the most popular doll of this year and if you don't have her; you're really missing out!
That is Perk Colette who I rename Claire because I already have a one Colette which is Grand Arrival ! The 2Nd one I have is Painted in Black rename Chanel! Perk Colette is truly amazing, enough talking let me just show you the photos!