Twilight Alice Cullen and Victoria dolls are coming & I'm giving myself 2 weeks to read and finish Eclipse!

In August of 2010 Mattel will release the Twilight characters Alice Cullen and Victoria; with the new movie Eclipse coming out on June 30 I think we will see more of Alice and Victoria (especial if Victoria if she trying to kill Bella). Alice and Victoria are now behind Bella, Edward and Jacob in the latest Twilight dolls that have been release by Mattel. You made always be wondering what type of bodies they going to have, from the looks of this photo these girls will not be on a Model Muse body, they will be on the regular Barbie bodies! The clothes are great and Victoria is my first choice! I can not wait to see these dolls in person and take plenty of pictures!

Now as I said in the title of this post, I'm giving myself 2 weeks to finish this book starting today! I have deiced to read each book a year when a movie comes out, so maybe next year I will get started on the Breaking Dawn!


  1. Saw the Victoria doll in Kmart; she's GORGEOUS! Must have.

    See post.

    Good luck finding her if you like her.


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