Monster High Dolls:Mattel newest dolls has everyone talking!



Meet the Monsters with style and great fashion! Mattel has made its mark again with the new dolls that are not afraid to be scary and fabulous at the same time, The Monster High dolls are children from famous monsters thought out history! Let’s break it down shall we

Clawdeen Wolf is the Daughter of the Werewolf

DracLaura is the daughter of Dracula

Frankie is the daughter of Frankenstein

Lagoona is the daughter of The Sea Monster

Cleo is the daughter of The Mummy

Deuce is the son of Medusa

All we need is some family photos and we’ll be set for life! 

The best part about these dolls is that they all come with Dairies and are very articulated!


Clawdeen DracLaura Frankie Lagoona all sold  separately while Cleo and Deuce come in a gift set!MTN2854lg

The Monster High kids also star in their cartoons that you can watch on

Monster High on YouTube and don’t forget to stop by Monster for more information

P.S. When I post my photos of Cleo and Deuce I will give my review!